About Us

About Us

This page is about how we came up with the idea and how are we presenting this to you!!

This page also introduce our team to you!!

Our story

The motive behind Sacred Accounting is to explain complex topics of accounting in simple plain english. 

This is why we tend to create two types of content:

Short and In-depth.

Short Content is to answer your daily life queries regarding accounting in a short form.

Whilst In-depth content is to give you a better understanding to help you succeed in your exams and daily life accounting.

So you saw the name sacred accounting?

What do you think of it?

If you ask us, we believe Accounting is Sacred. This is why we named it “Sacred Accounting.

But wait, this website is not only for accounting, its beyond that!!

We publish content related to Finance, Economics, Business Management and Business Strategy also! 

Our team

Meet the minds behind Sacred Accounting






Kamran Ullah Khattak

Admin & Author

A passionate blogger who is gradually changing his filed from Accounting to Digital Marketing. He love to write about anything that matters to him!


Sana Ali Khan


Sana Ali Khan is a student at the university with an accounting major. She loves to read and she believes in the concept of learn, unlearn, and relearn. She wishes you luck with her content.