A medical record is an example of:


Private information


A medical record is an example of Private information.

Medical record:

 The medical record is a recorded history of a patient. It contains private information of a patient’s medical history about treatment, his health care duration, and processes.

The terms medical record can be interchangeably used with a health record and a medical chart to describe the medical history of a patient. The medical record refers to the systematic documentation of the private information of a patient. It also contains care throughout the whole time within one health care provider’s justification.

The medical record consists of a variety of notes recorded over time by professionals. It contains recording observations and administration of therapies and drugs, test results, x-rays and reports, etc. the accurate and complete medical record is the need of the health care providers.

The medical record is generally used for the written, physical and digital files for every single patient. It includes paper notes and image films etc.  

A medical record is an example of:

Medical records are compiled and maintained by health care providers. In the case of online data storage that leads to the development of personal health records (PHR) are controlled by the patients themselves. This concept is supported by AHIMA, US national health administration entities, and by the American Health Information Management Association.

The IRB has some requirements for researches which involve subject contact and contain medical record review during recruitment and screening etc.

For instance, a researcher wants to review medical records to identify and recruit eligible subjects for an investigational drug study. To gain access to a patient’s medical records, the researcher needs to request consent and authorization of the patient’s waiver. Also, the patient will need a consent form and HIPAA authorization form for participation purposes in research.

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