An example of an institutional COI is:

“An example of an institutional COI is”:


An industry sponsor pays for the construction of a new research laboratory at the organization.

Institutional Conflict of Interest (“Institutional COI”):

Institutional COI describes “a situation in which 14 the financial interests of an institution or institutional official, acting within his or her 15 authority on behalf of the institution, may affect or appear to affect the research 16 conducted under the auspices of the institution” (University of South Florida).

An Institutional COI may occur whenever the 42 financial interests of the institution on behalf of the institution, affect institutional 44 processes for the conduct, design, reporting, review or oversight of research.

In Academic research, financial problems may arise COIs because of the financial interest of the officials or the institution, which may affect the decision making inappropriately. Some strategies to deal with institutional COIs include

  • Establishing institutional COI committees that involve the board of trustees in conflict review and management,
  • Developing policies that shield institutional decisions from inappropriate influences, and
  • Building private foundations that are independent of the institution to own stock and intellectual property and to provide capital to start-up companies.

The University’s COIs Committee “reviews financial or business interests of the University and University Officials for potential institutional conflicts of interest”(PennState). When an institutional conflict is identified by the Committee, they implement a management plan to, reduce, manage, or eliminate the institutional conflict. Therefore, to avoid this conflict, an industry sponsor pays for the construction of a new research laboratory at the organization.

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