What is another name for bookkeeper?

There is no exact another name for a bookkeeper. However, in practice, clerks are often assigned the duties of a bookkeeper. But this doesn’t make one “A bookkeeper”.

A bookkeeper is someone responsible for recording financial transactions of a business, individual or a non-profit organization. So, if you search English dictionary, their automated system might give you synonyms like “clerk, accountant, CPA, auditor etc.”. But the fact is, this is not true.

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What is the another name for a bookkeeper?

Is accountant another name for bookkeeper?

Accountant is not another name for a bookkeeper. An accountant may be assigned the duties of a bookkeeper, but his job description is more than just bookkeeping. Area of expertise of an accountant includes financial accounting as well as financial reporting, whilst a bookkeeper just records financial information.

Is it CPA?

You gotta be kidding me, CPA stands for certified public accountant. CPA is a licensed accountant from the institute of public accountants. Whilst a CPA might be involved in recording financial transactions, but this is not the only task of a CPA. A CPA might be responsible for maintain internal controls, internal audit or overlooking financial statements etc.

Is it Auditor?

Auditor is not another name for a bookkeeper. Auditors is someone who examines your financial statements in detail. After that, they issue a report called “Auditor’s opinion”. They check if your financial statements are giving a true and fair view as per the applicable financial reporting framework.

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Is Clerk the other name for a bookkeeper?

This question can be argued. A clerk might be assigned the duties of a bookkeeper. As the duties of bookkeeper are of a clerical nature (recording of transactions), that’s why we can say clerk is another name for a bookkeeper. However, just performing the duties of a bookkeeper does not make one “A certified Bookkeeper”.

What is another word for Bookkeeper?

Another word for bookkeeper is “Recorder”. A bookkeeper is a Recorder of financial transactions. These financial transactions may be related to sales, purchases, creditors, debtors and investments etc.

Is a bookkeeper and accountant the same thing?

No, bookkeeper and accountant are not the same thing. Bookkeeping is just recording of transactions. Whilst, accountant is involved in more complex tasks like analyzing and summarizing transactions to prepare financial statements. The same financial statements are then reported to the users of financial statements.

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