13 Best Gutter Cleaning Tools of 2021 (Buying Guide)

A blog post about the best gutter cleaning tools that you need to invest in. Let’s face it, when was the last time you cleaned your gutters? It might be an unpleasant job, but without taking care of them they can cause a lot of problems with water seeping into your home and causing mold and mildew. If this sounds like you then it is time for some new equipment! This blog will teach you what to look for in order to make sure that these hard-to-reach areas are taken care of.


Gutter cleaning is not always easy so make sure that if you’re going to do it yourself, you have all the right tools on hand.

1. BE Pressure 24 Telescopic Wand

If you are tired of doing your gutter cleaning from the ground, this telescopic wand is the perfect gutter cleaning tool for you. It attaches to any pressure washer and makes it easier than ever before to clean those gutters!

The water flows through it allowing the user to attach whichever attachment they choose in order to make sure their gutters get a thorough scrub down with no debris left behind. You will be able to easily remove all that built-up dirt without having to climb on top of ladders or chairs just like we used to years ago!!!

This telescopic wand has been designed specifically for people who don’t want to do their tedious yet necessary work from afar anymore. With more power than most poles would provide, this tool allows its users an easy way. Because of all these exciting features, I placed it on the top of gutter cleaning tools!

  • Clean your gutters easily without climbing up on ladders or chairs
  • Saves you time and energy by increasing efficiency
  • The telescopic wand is designed for people who want a quick, easy solution to their gutter cleaning problems
  • Improve the cleanliness of your house

    2. Powerfit PF31052B Gutter Cleaner

    Pressure washer gutter cleaning attachment is a great choice for those who want to save money and time. You first place the tool inside your gutters, this will shoot water in both directions of your gutters quickly removing any debris that might be blocking it.

    The quick-connect coupler makes for easy attaching and detaching if you choose this option, but keep in mind there are two nozzles shooting opposite ways which will reduce pressure so make sure your power washer has 3,000 PSI or higher!

    Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this gutter cleaning tool,

    • Cleans gutters with ease
    • Easily connects and disconnects to pressure washer
    • Durable and long lasting

      3. BE Pressure Washer Gutter Cleaner

      “One of the best options for cleaning your gutter with a pressure washer.” – this is starting to sound like an ad. Let’s move on. “You want to buy this attachment, a lance, and telescopic wand separately”. The hook design provides an ideal angle to clean gutters which makes sense because you don’t have any hands free!

      An idea I had when trying it out myself was that if there wasn’t enough weight in one area (which happened often) then the tool would pop up from surface tension or something… So what should do? Well before taping down my tools so they wouldn’t slide around too much, another option could be buying some O-Rings at your local hardware store.

      How many times have you found yourself in the middle of a project with your gutter attachment just spinning uselessly? When this happens, it’s usually because one thing is missing. You need an O-ring! This clever little invention will prevent any excess friction and keep everything running smoothly. Just be sure to check both sizes before purchasing – 8.8 x 1.9mm or 6x1mm should do the trick!

      • Strengthens surface tension to reduce the risk of tool popping up
      • Hook design helps in getting into corners and other hard-to-reach areas
      • Helps you clean gutters painlessly and efficiently
      • Less time, less effort, more productivity

        4. Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool

        Have you ever had to clean out your gutters?

         It’s an unpleasant task that nobody wants to do. That’s why I am reviewing Gutter Sense, our 4th best out of our list of 13 best gutter cleaning tools. This product is of a similar design to GutterWhiz. With a claw that opens and closes, using the attached rope from the ground you open and close it to remove debris. Then raking and removing debris when you’re done. You can use this tool in any season because it is designed with safety in mind for both children and adults alike!

        The Gutter Sense will make cleaning out your gutters easier than ever before! You won’t have to worry about climbing up on a ladder or balancing precariously on top of a roof anymore – all while trying not to fall off! And best of all, there’s no need for expensive professional help either; just grab some friends or family members who are willing to lend a hand (or two) and get started today!

        The Gutter Sense is perfect for anyone who has ever dreaded having to clean their gutters themselves – but now they don’t have too thanks t o us!

         Cleaning gutters is a dirty job. The Gutter Sense makes it easier to clean your gutters by making the debris wetter and more pliable, so you can grab large clumps of debris with ease.

        You’ll find the Gutter Sense is an easy tool to adapt to, quickly finding a technique that suits you well and making it so you can clean a 70-foot gutter in less than 45 minutes.

        Cleaning out your gutters can be tiring work – especially when you’re reaching way up high with a ladder. But now there’s an easier solution! With The Gutter Sense, all you have to do is attach this handy tool onto any ordinary broom handle and start scrubbing away at those dirty gutters without having to worry about getting tired arms from holding the brush yourself. And because of its compact size, it’ll fit right into your garage or shed until next time!

        Pole Included: No

        Type: From the ground

        Weight: 8 Ounces

        Wide Paddles: 2.5 inches

        Wide Tong Spread: 14 inches

        • Never miss cleaning your gutters again
        • Clean them in less than 45 minutes
        • Easily reach them from any height with adjustable broom head
        • No need to worry about tiring arms when using Gutter Sense tool

          5. Gutter Whiz

          With just one pull of the rope attachment, this gutter cleaning tool will grab anything in its path – leaves, pine needles, pine cones even toys! You won’t need to worry about climbing up ladders anymore because now you can get all that stuff out from your gutters without ever having to leave the ground. And if you don’t want to touch anything dirty then simply take pictures with your phone instead

           The GutterWhiz makes it easy to clean out your gutters without climbing up on the roof or getting wet. It’s designed with an opening and closing claw that can be used from the ground, making it easier than ever before to get rid of debris in your gutter system.

          Plus, there’s no need for you to get wet when cleaning them out either! Just attach the rope at the bottom and open and close as needed until everything is gone. When finished just rake away what remains and go back inside where it’s warm!

          Pole included: No

          Type: From the ground

          Weight: 1.8 Pounds

          • Get all of the junk out of your gutters with just one pull!
          • Clean your gutters without ever having to leave the ground.
          • Use it from a ladder if you want, or use it from down in the dirt with a phone camera.
          • Never worry about getting wet again because now this gutter cleaning tool will do it for you!

            6. Gardena 3650 Combisystem Gutter Cleaner Head

            Our top gutter cleaning tool is Gardena 3650 Combi system Gutter Cleaner Head which is manufactured by Gardena. Gardena provides a convenient solution for all lawn care problems. They produce quality gardening products to make your work easier. This gutter cleaner tool is reliable and made of a quality product. Further, this company stands behind its products, if you have any concerns regarding their products they will repair or replace it for you.  

            Key features:

            • This cleaner is used for easy cleaning of gutters.
            • Head is adjustable through various angles. 
            • The scraper blade and head are made of plastic of high quality.
            • Handel and the head are sold separately.
            • It provides 25 years warranty.

            Pros and cons:

            • Ideal for cleaning gutter guards
            • Have an adjustable head
            • Long time warrant
            • Unsuitable for Second Story Gutter Cleaning
            • Might be expensive

            7. Gutter Cleaning Tool

            This gutter cleaner has a Telescoping Pole with a best Garden Hose. This telescoping gutter cleaner is a tool that you can use it at your house and workplace. This is a multipurpose tool which has a wide range of use because you can use it for roof cleaning as well. It has a flexible Wand for Window Cleaning. Along with gutters cleaning, you can also use it for windows cleaning with the extra-long extension pole. The multi-length options of this tool will fulfil the needs of every house.


            • Buyplus is a telescoping gutter cleaner.
            • This tool can be used for roof and window cleaning. 
            • This tool includes a flexible wand which is reachable to every corner.
            • The wand can fix all ¾” standard garden hoses.
            • Adjustable water flows with a copper nozzle.
            • The extension pole can extended upto 84 inches.
            • It provides a non-slip comfort grip
            • The extendable pole have locks on/off safely
            • This tool is very user friendly,

            Pros and cons:

            • Telescoping gutter cleaner.
            • The extension pole is reachable upto 84 inches
            • Multifunctional tool
            • It is a lightweight product which is easy to use.
            • It has an Upgraded quality.
            • The Rotating Nozzle helps in managing water flow.
            • Contain an on/off the controller.
            • Not very effective for heavier and stickier debris.
            • The pole and connectors detach easily when water pressure is applied.

            8. Gibbon 150100 Gutter Cleaner

            The Gibbon Gutter Cleaner is suitable for use with most handheld and backpack gas leaf blowers. It allows the user to clean gutters without using a ladder. The Gibbon gutter cleaner is placed on the ground to clean gutters. It guides and propels itself along the gutter while aim to blow the air from the leaf blower into the gutter. The operator follows the Gibbon from below and controls the direction with the leaf blower throttle.

            Key features:

            • Gibbon Gutter Cleaner is suitable for single storey gutter cleaning.
            • The extension kits also available for double-storey, therefore, ladders are not required.
            • This tool Clears gutters very fast – up to 20 ft. per minute
            • It balances, propels and guides itself along the gutter
            • It includes a handheld and backpack (gas leaf blower attachment).
            • The Gibbon will not operate on gutters fitted with mesh guards and foam filters gutters.

            Pros and cons:

            • clean debris from gutters very easily
            • Ladders are no more required
            • It works best for removing dry leaves.
            • One year warranty
            • Lose connection; black plastic tubes might come apart during use
            • Not suitable for dense wet silver Maple leaves

            9. Ezy Flo High Reach Gutter Cleaning Kit

            The next top gutter cleaner on our list is Ezy Flo High Reach Gutter Cleaning Kit. It cleans your gutters in minutes. The Ezy Flo gutter cleaning pole is attached to the garden hose for easy use. It can reach up to 22 feet, which is sufficient for reaching gutters of houses. It has a high-pressure nozzle which blasts away leaves and debris. This gutter cleaner allows your gutters to flow freely.

            Key features:

            • It telescopes from 6 to 15.1 feet.
            • The wand can reach up to 22 feet which is sufficient for reaching gutters on top floors.
            • The high-pressure nozzle removes leaves and debris.
            • The adjustable metal valve allows you to control water flow
            • The radial water flow brush for cleaning inside or outside of the gutter
            • This tool is made of high-quality aluminum
            • It provides a comfortable use with foam grips for comfort.

            Pros and cons:

            • This gutter cleaner tool is reachable up to 22 feet.
            • Blasts away debris and leaves
            • Made of high-quality aluminum
            • Provides comfortable grip because of foam
            • Lose connection; the pole is very flexible with almost zero rigidity to push against leaves blockage.
            • The extension pole might leak at certain points.

            10. Pressure 85.400.007 Gutter Cleaner Pressure Washer Attachment

            The next gutter cleaner on our list is BE Pressure 85.400.007 Washer Gutter Cleaner Attachment. It is a high-pressure sustainable product which can sustain pressure upto 4000 PSI. It is manufactured by BE pressure. This gutter cleaner is made of stainless steel with brass fittings. It is a Limited Edition which can help you clean your gutters easily.

            Pros and cons:

            • It is a high-quality product.
            • It works best with high pressure
            • It works with pressure upto 4000 PSI.
            • The product size might be shorter for some users.

            11. Obecome Gutter Cleaner Wand Attachment

            This Gutter Cleaning Tool is the most reviewed product on Amazon as it has received 81% of 5-star reviews. It is designed for Pressure Washers which includes 1/4” Brass Quick Coupler x 1/4” QC Plug.  

            Key features:

            • The cleaner lance is made of stainless steel and brass fitting.
            • It is a premium quality gutter cleaner.
            • It works with 5000 PSI pressure washers.
            • It has a ball lock design with a secure connection and disconnection.
            • This product is also suitable for cleaning sidewalk, driveways, pool deck, porch, and patio etc.
            • It is a Gutter cleaner attachment with 1/4” stainless steel and 1/4” brass quick coupler.
            • Obecome has one of the best tools to clean gutters and is resistant to corrosion due to maximum hardness of 700H.
            • This product can works at a high temperature for the long term because it ts heat resistance is greater than 500 ° C
            • 100% money back or replacement guarantee.

            Pros and cons:

            • It is a multifunctional tool
            • It is Corrosion-resistant
            • It is highly heat resistant
            • It is a lightweight product
            • The price is reasonable
            • It Sprays soap but not very controllable

            12. Powerfit PF31052B Gutter Cleaner Attachment

            The next best tool to clean gutters is Powerfit PF31052B Gutter Cleaner attachment. To clean your gutters, you just need to attach the Powerfit Gutter Cleaner attaches to the wand of a gas pressure washer. It is a high-quality product that can sustain pressure washers with 3,000 PSI. It removes the debris and leaves very effectively as it includes two high-pressure nozzles. This gutter cleaner tool is a universal fit for gas pressure washers.

            Key features:

            • This gutter cleaning tool is suitable for gas pressure washers.
            • It can sustain pressure upto 3,000 PSI.
            • The inlet size is ¼ inch.
            • This tool also includes a quick-connect coupler.
            • It contains 2 high-pressure nozzles.

            Pros and cons:

            • Can fits to all gas blowers
            • It can withstand high pressure
            • It has a Secure attachment and detachment.
            • Have a reasonable price
            • Can control water power.
            • The connector length might short for some users.

            13. Multi-use Telescopic Gutter Cleaner

            Another magical gutter cleaner tool is Multi-use Telescopic Gutter Cleaner. This Gutter Cleaner is with a Bristle Brush and a Pad Head. It also includes an Extendable Plastic Handle. This gutter cleaner quite lengthy therefore, you will no more in need of ladders while cleaning your gutters.

            Key Features:

            • This tool allows you to clean gutters while keeping your feet firm on the ground.
            • It reduces a lot of up and down movement on the ladder.
            • Its unique 2-in-1 design contains a telescoping cleaner with a bristle brush.
            • The bristle brush can be bend on any angle to sweep debris and leaves from gutters.
            • The pad of this tool allows you to clean the outer sides of the gutters as well.
            • The heads of this tool are washable and can be air-dried.
            • The handles are made of Aluminum, plastic and iron.
            •  The handle is extendable from 26” to 71”.
            • Have a 60-day return policy and
            •  A 100% satisfaction guarantee.

            Pros and cons:

            • It can eliminate the ladder use
            • This tool has a telescoping cleaner
            • Have an adjustable bristle brush
            • Have washable heads which can be air-dried
            • The brush head spins during use.
            • The extension pole is weak.

            Things to consider while choosing the best gutter cleaning tool:

            To select a gutter cleaner, you need to focus on the specific qualities of the tool.

            Length of the Pole

            First of all, you need to check the length of the pole. Opt for such a cleaning tool which have a maximum length of the pole which is also adjustable. Because a tool with a lengthy pole allows reaching to those areas which are hard to clean. Also, the adjustable pole will give you the ease of using it efficiently.

            Weight of the Cleaning tool

            Secondly, you need to consider the weight of the cleaning tool. Because carrying a massive tool for a long time is pretty much tiring. Therefore, before purchasing any gutter cleaning tool, you need to check its weight if it’s light enough to use it without making your arms and shoulders souring. A lightweight gutter cleaning tool will keep your arms and shoulders sour free and without tiring. Thus, you will be able to use it for a long time.   

            Quality of the Product

            The third criterion you need to keep in mind is the quality of the product. By quality, I mean you need to consider those brands which are famous for their quality products. Buying from a reputable brand will save you money as well as a lot of time. You need to ensure that the brand stands behind its products because you need to replace, return, or repair the product. Keep reading this article; you will get an insight into gutter cleaning tools of reputable brands available on Amazon on reasonable prices.


            Gutter cleaning became so much more comfortable and easier with the help of gutter cleaner tools. These tools are specially designed to blasts away all the debris, leaves, pines and any other material that is blocking the flow of water in gutters. Some tools do their job really good, while some may fail to fulfil the needs of the users. So, in this article, I have mentioned those gutter cleaner tools which are user-friendly as well worth the money.  They are reliable enough to leave your gutters free of leaves, dirt and debris. They are durable as well affordable enough to provide you with the best service. Additionally, they eliminate the use of ladders which are quite risky as prone to injuries during work. So, to get all of the benefits of gutter cleaners, you may get one from the above-reviewed gutter cleaner tools available on Amazon.


            What are the best tools to clean gutters?

            The best gutters cleaning tools are:

            1) BE Pressure 24 Telescopic Wand
            2) Powerfit PF31052B Gutter Cleaner
            3) BE Pressure Washer Gutter Cleaner
            4) Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool
            5) Gutter Whiz
            6) Gardena 3650 Combisystem Gutter Cleaner Head
            7) Gutter Cleaning Tool
            8) Gibbon 150100 Gutter Cleaner
            9) Ezy Flo High Reach Gutter Cleaning Kit
            10) Pressure 85.400.007 Gutter Cleaner Pressure Washer Attachment
            11) Obecome Gutter Cleaner Wand Attachment
            12) Powerfit PF31052B Gutter Cleaner Attachment
            13) Multi-use Telescopic Gutter Cleaner

            How do i clean my gutters myself?

            The best way is to use a professional cleaning tool for your gutters. We have reviewed different tools in our post that will help you clean your gutters by yourself.