Best high back booster for 3 across

For the big family, it is difficult to set 3 seats across in the back seat of the car. But these seats are specially made to set 3 across in one back seat.

If you have small car then it may be impossible but they can be fit in medium sized car seat.

We searched a lot and find the following car seat that can be sit in 3 across. So we hope that you will find the best seats for your little babies.

1: Maxi-Cosi Rodifix Booster Car Seat

This booster car seat will give you an amazing 12 height position that you can select according to your child’s height.

It is the belt positioning booster that is for child 40-120 pounds and up to 57 inch.

The pad of the seat can be easily removed and washed in machine and also dryer safe.

It has the air impact side protection that provide comfort to child head and neck.

Maxi-Cosi Rodifix Booster Car Seat includes a LATCH connecter design that makes the installation quick and easy.

  • • Belt-positioning booster
  • • Ultimate comfort
  • • High back booster
  • • Removable pad
  • • 12 height positions
  • • Front access recline
  • • Rigid LATCH
  • • Air impact side protection
  • • Fast and secure
  • • Best for a big kid
  • No cup holder

2: Peg Perego Viaggio Shuttle Plus 120

it had all adjustable material that you can adjust the headrest, backrest, and sides as your child grow.

It had all adjustable material that you can adjust the headrest, backrest, and sides as your child grow.

It is designed with the aluminum-reinforced backrest that protect the child during collision.

The backrest can be removed to become a backless booster with just a push of a button as your child grows.

The LATCH design makes the installation quick and tight enough that the seat doesn’t move during a crash.

  • • 3D adjustability system
  • • Convertible to a backless booster
  • • LATCH can be tuck inside the seat
  • • All side impact protection
  • • Blind lock attaching system
  • • Cupholder
  • • Aluminum reinforced backrest
  • • Hold 40-120lbs
  • • Little tiny in size

3: Diono 2019 Radian 3RXT All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

This is the convertible seat that one seat will work for you like a 3 seats and can be the partner of your child up to 10 years.

The rear-facing that holds 40lbs will be the best one for small kids. Rear-facing is best for small children because during crashes the child will be at the place instead of moving forward.

Forward-facing is for a tall child and as the child grows up because rear-facing does not support children more than 40lbs.

And then high back booster mode is for big child as it ca hold 50-120lbs.

This innovative and sleek design seat is made with all the best features that is suitable to keep in a small vehicle.

The Radian 3RXT has super LATCH that make the installation of seat in car easy.

It provides baby the safety from all sides and angles.

  • • Converted to 3 designs
  • • Full steel core
  • • Used rear-facing as long as possible
  • • Side impact protection
  • • Easy one-click installation
  • • FAA approved
  • • Energy absorbing foam
  • • Soft fabric covers
  • • Harness straps are thin
  • • Adjustability is not easy

4: Graco Atlas 65 2 in 1 Harness Booster Seat

This seat is convertible into two different seats that are harnessed front-facing and high back belt-positioning booster.

The five point harnesses front facing is for small kid like it can hold 22-65lbs of weight.

High back belt-positioning booster is for big kid that support the child weight of 30-100lbs.

The harness adjusts system can allow you to adjust the height of the seat in just one motion according to your child’s height and headrest.

This seat is designed by engineers and also it is crash tested to ensure you the safety of kid during a car crash.

It also includes the storage compartment that can be used to keep all the unused material of the seat.

  • • 2 positions recline
  • • Two cup holders
  • • Seat for a big kid
  • • Convertible seat
  • • Child weight from 22-100lbs
  • • Machine washable covers
  • • 10 height positions
  • • Storage compartment
  • • Some people found it of poor quality

5: Hifold fit-and-fold highback booster Seat

Hifold booster seat is made with a unique technology that can be adjusted to 243 individual settings.

This car seat is made for the kids whose weight is 33-100lbs and height is 36-59 inches.

It has an amazing feature of folding that it can be folded to a convenient size and easy to carry in traveling and for storage.

This high back booster will give you the adjustment in 4 areas that is head with, body, seat, and height.

Use these car booster seats to fit 3 across car seats in just on car back seat.

This car seat can assure you that the belt will be fit easily and comfortably no matter what the size of your child is.

  • • Seat width (3 settings)
  • • Body width (3 settings)
  • • Head width (3 settings)
  • • Height (9 settings)
  • • 243 different adjustability settings
  • • Easily fit every size of kid
  • • Comfortable and safe
  • • Fold to a convenient size
  • none


My most favorite and top-listed one is the Hifold fit-and-fold highback booster Seat because of its folding design. It is easy to carry in travel. It gives you 243 different adjustability settings.

The next that I prefer more is Diono 2019 Radian 3RXT All-in-One Convertible Car Seat as it is best for small and big kid. It is FAA approved and provides side impact protection.

Buying guide:

Car seats are for the baby safety and comfort during traveling. Right? So if the cars seat doesn’t provide the safety then what is the benefit of buying cars seat?

If you want a best car seat that provide safety then before buying a car seat look for the following features in the car seat.

  • The car seat should be convertible as this car seat will be partner of your baby from toddler to 10 years.
  • The material of the car seat should be of good quality.
  • The seat should provide side impact protection.
  • Approval for Air travels.
  • Steel reinforced frames.
  • Energy absorption foams to protect child during collision.
  • Crash tested
  • Track the height of your baby and check for the seat limit
  • Also check for the weight limit.









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