Best high back booster for sleeping

It’s very hard to travel on long way without comfort. Everyone tired during sleeping and they want a good sleep. Children also feel the same, so it’s good to find some best high back booster seats for them.

Our team will help you in finding these types of seats that provide a comfort and a good sleeping place during long journey. We hope that you will find it for your little ones.

1: Britax Highpoint 2-Stage Belt-Positioning Booster

This car seat booster can easily convert from high point belt positioning high back booster to backless booster that will provide a comfort to your child.

It is the best car seat for the child 40 to 120 pound and heighted up to 63 inch.

It has made from the cool ventilated mesh fabric and plush foam padding gives your child the comfortable sleep during long journey.

The armrests are attached with the car seat for extra protection and comfort.

It is made with the energy absorption shell that give support to child and prevent the crash energy.

  • Suitable for big kid
  • Convertible seat
  • Side impact protection
  • Foam line headrest
  • Comfortable sleep
  • 10 positions head adjustment
  • Removable covers
  • 2 cup holders that are dishwasher safe
  • Hard to install

2: Clek Oobr High Back Booster Car Seat

The Clek Oobr booster car seat is design with the rigid LATCH system that locks the seat tight enough with your car LATCH.

This can built in your car as a real car seat and provide the comfort to your child.

It include the energy absorbing foam layer that absorb energy during crash and protect your child.

Long journey is very difficult because we don’t have anything to comfortably sleep. But this car seat is design with the 12 degree recline that provide the good space for sleeping.

For the big child comfort you can easily remove the back of this high back booster car seat.

It is made from certified fabrics that protect the seat from moisture, stains and any dirt. Also it is free from halogenated flame retardants.

  • Cup holders are included
  • Removable back
  • Suitable for big child
  • Rigid LATCH system
  • Good quality fabrics
  • Protection against stains
  • Recline set back
  • Best for sleeping in long journey
  • Back is a little bit low
  • Little heavier but worth the money

3: Britax One4Life Click Tight All-In-One Car Seat

This car seat will be your child best partner up to 10 years. It will grows as your child grows.

It can support the child from 5 to 120 pound and up to 63 inches height.

This is not just one seat as it will gives you the functions of 3 car seats.

 This car seat can convert from rear facing car seat to forward facing 5 point harness and to belt positioning high back booster.

It have the crumple zone that helps in absorbing crash energy and keep your child safe.

It had the two layers side protections that protect the child head, neck and torso.

  • Design for safety from birth to 10 years
  • V shaped tether
  • Easy read level indicator
  • 9 position recline
  • Comfortable for long journey
  • 15 position head adjustment
  • 2 layers of side protection
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Dishwasher safe cup holder
  • Easily convert
  • All in one car seat
  • Cushion is not padded enough
  • Harness straps are seem to be shading

4: Graco 4Ever 4 in 1 Car Seat

It allows you to adjust the headrest and harness in just one motion according to your child comfort and height.

The 10 position head adjustment gives you the option of adjustment according to your growing child height.

It include the washable covers that is easy to remove from the seat with removing the harness.

The Graco 4Ever 4 in 1 Car Seat includes the LATCH system to make the installation easy and tight for extra protection.

This is the 4 in 1 cars seat that can grows with your child from birth to tall child.

It can be used as a rear facing car seat that supports the child of 4 to 40 pounds.

For the child 22-65 pounds, it can be used as a forward facing car seat.

High back booster holds the weight 40-100 pounds and backless booster for big child weighted 40 to 120 pounds.

  • 4 in 1 car seat
  • Best for small child
  • Comfortable for sleeping
  • Best for tall child
  • Can be adjusted in small cars
  • Side impact protection from head to hips
  • True shield protective shield for extra strength
  • 6 positions recline
  • Safe adjust harness system
  • Not great for infants


My top pick in the above mentioned best high back booster for sleeping is Clek Oobr High Back Booster Car Seat. This seat has recline that you can set the seat back for the comfort. The back of the seat can be removed for the big child.

The top one according to my choice is Graco 4Ever 4 in 1 Car Seat because this is not just one seat but it will give you the features of four different seats. It also had 6 recline position system.

Buying guide:

Children faces so much problems during traveling so it is important to buy a best car seat for them. Many types of car seats are available there in the market for you to select the best one.

Rear-facing car seats are the seats that are made for small kids because the child feel safer in the front facing car seat. In these type of seats there is too much support to the back of the child.

When the child reached a certain weight and height like 40’’ tall and 40 pounds weight. It is best to use forward-facing car seats.

High back booster is another important type of car seats that are available in wide rang. These seats are specially made for big child.

Before buying the car seat keep the track of your children height, weight and also it is best to choose convertible car seat because these types of seat will grow with your child. Look for the following feature in the car seat before buying:

  • Side protection
  • No-rethread harness
  • Height limit
  • Weight limit
  • Approval for air travels
  • Steel reinforced frames
  • Energy absorption foams
  • Crash testing performance
  • Can be adjusted in a wide range








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