Top 5 Foosball Coffee Tables of 2021

The interest in Foosball coffee tables has been increasing over time. Let me share the interest for such tables in the past 12 months:

Such tables are specially designed for people who want to enjoy playing foosball while having fresh coffee in reach.

We analyzed reviews by real users. After thorough research, we finalized our list of the top 5 foosball coffee tables. Following is the list of such tables:

Best Foosball Coffee Tables- Detailed Reviews

Giantex 27″ Foosball Table

“There’s an energy and intimacy around a foosball table that nothing else compares to”. Our Top pick is the Giantex foosball table as it has received 70% 5-star reviews on Amazon. The best feature that caught my attention was that it is easy to assemble. The product is reasonably priced. This foosball coffee table is very easy to use and has got 4.3 stars for that. Every great product is never perfect. Every product has some flaws also. We have covered those flaws in our “Pros and Cons” section.


  • Wooden soccer table.
  • Soccer set for arcades.
  • Portable design.
  • Durable structure.

Pros and Cons

  • It has a portable design that places easily on any of your living places without leaving scratches.
  • You can easily transport the table from one place to another without applying too much force. (it’s not that much heavy)
  • It has 6 rows which allow 3 rows per team, the four legs provide extra stability to the table.

    Best Choice Products 48-Inch Competition Sized Foosball Table

    ”When foosball and the coffee came together, I think our day will be going best. don’t you.” The next best foosball coffee table is foosball Table w/2. Do you know it has been rated as 4.4 stars for value for money on Amazon? Something that’s really cool about this product is that it has an arcade-style. Is it strong enough for a man to play? yes, it is strong enough for a man to play. It is suitable for 4 kids to play at a time.


    • 48-inch game set.
    • Player-friendly design.
    • Ergonomic handles.
    • Durable composition.
    • Coffee cup holder.

    Pros and Cons

    • It has a cup holder on each end that’ll help you “stay hydrated and enjoy coffee during playing”.
    • It’s perfect for homerooms, arcades, and other of our entertainment areas.
    • This table game has 8 rows and allows 4 rows per team. It has 11 red players and 11 white players. So, we can easily play with our friends in selecting our favorite color.
    • It has comfortable handles, easy to use, and playing games with friends.
    • One of the purchasers reported that the product came with one side completely missing.
    • A user reported that the size of the player rods is small. But overall the product is perfect for playing games, reported by the same user.

    Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

    “The powers of a man’s mind are directly proportional to the quantity of coffee he drinks, so drink coffee and enjoy foosball.” As you know we believe in data. We have analyzed 687 reviews by real users. Out of all those 687 reviews, we think Chicago is the third-best foosball coffee table. It has big slots. One of the common problem was the ball getting stuck in the corners of the table. But there is no such problem with this table.


    • Solid hardwood construction.
    • Hand-painted foosball men.
    • A functional shelf below.

    Pros and Cons

    • It has telescopic rods and octagonal handles, which provide an easy grip during playing.
    • It also has a functional shelf below which can be used for many purposes in the living room or playing room.
    • A user reported that some areas of the table are rough and uneven. But overall the product looks nice and attractive, reported by the same user.

    hlc 4ft Folding Foosball Table

    ” Coffee and foosball fulfill all our day with joy.” This table fulfils the definition of “foosball coffee table with big slots”. This product has got about 12 reviews so far and 43% of them are 5-stars. But is this product value for money? Is it easy to use? Well, let’s see this in more detail in our review.


    • Sliding score system.
    • Total 8 rows.
    • Allows 4 rows per team.
    • Cup holders.
    • Rod bars.

    Pros and Cons

    • It has a sliding score system, so we can easily calculate our score.
    • The ball returns from each corner automatically.
    • The rod bars give a comfortable grip, so you can play easily.
    • It also has a cup holder on each end to stay hydrated and enjoy your game when games heat up.
    • One of the purchasers reported that the weight of the table is light. So, it cannot hold up to players which play aggressively.

    KICK Java 48″ Foosball Coffee Table

    Kick Java 48 is our last pick. The same old saying “last but not the least” is a perfect fit for this foosball coffee table. Why did we place it in the last position? Because it has less ratio of 5-Star reviews as compared to others. We think it’s a bit expensive as compared to others. Similarly, it wasn’t the best product when we compared special features with all the other options available. For details, see our product research methodology page where we have explained how a product is picked and ranked.


    • Solid real hardwood.
    • Tempered Glass Top.
    • Telescopic Rod.
    • Unlimited lifetime warranty.

    Pros and Cons

    • The telescopic rods provide a comfortable grip and make foosball fun to play.
    • One of the users reported that the coffee table is nice but the soccer field has a lot of cracks and stains on it.

    Were you able to find Foosball Coffee Tables ?

    Coffee makes football more interesting and more fun to play. Smell of fresh made coffee while you’re playing your favourite game, is there anything else you want?

    I tried to include all the best coffee tables that let you have coffee as well. But no list is perfect. If you think I missed a great product, let me know in the comments, I’ll have a look and include it.

    Coffee Vs Foosball? Let’s begin the battle

    Which one is loved the most? Have you ever thought about this? Let the fun begins.

    Following is the Google trend for Coffee over the past 12 months in the United States:

    As for Foosball, the trend looks like this:

    Looks like more people has interest in foosball in the months of November and December. In January, the curve start adjusting itself to normal.

    Now, Let me compare both Foosball and Coffee, we get graph like this:

    The blue curve is for coffee and red one is for Foosball.

    Coffee is a clear winner here and this should not surprise anyone. But you shuldn’t be worried, why?

    Because you are someone who loves both of them, isn’t it?

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