10 best Gifts for the big brother when the baby is born

1. Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection

‘’It’s time to get out the earmuffs. My ears aren’t cold. I’m just tired of hearing people whine.’’ When children burn, their ears are so small for hearing that too much loud voices of people. Therefore, by putting earmuffs on their ears, their ears can be easily protected from harmful and loud voices.

These earmuffs are ideal for newborn babies through 24 months and up. These earmuffs are best in protecting the ears of children and block harmful noise.

These earmuffs can be best to use with babies when going for outdoor activities and protect baby ears from horns, music, airport noise, wedding receptions, etc.  

2. Dot and Dash Robot

Children always want and like to play with toys. Toys are best to play but robot toys are the next level to it. This is a set of toys that include Dot and Dash robots, building brick connectors, charging cords, a tow hook, a bulldozer bar, a launcher and balls, target stickers, a bunny ears and tail set and a xylophone.

These toys will also help children in improving their mind power. Dot and Dash robots are ready to use and do a fun-challenges to teach their child the block-based coding skills they will need for middle and high school.

For the best working and challenges with their robot, download 5 free apps that will help in Dash and Dot sing, dance, navigate obstacles, respond to voice commands, respond to each other, and work together to solve the app challenges.

3. Land Rover Remote Control Car 

The other best gift for children is the remote control car. The car is always the most favorite toy of children. This remote-control car may be the best gift for the big brother when the baby is born.

This land rover car is supplied with spare tire, realistic cab, Metal Girders and Axles, oversized tires (antiskid convex pattern), strong chassis, suitable for off-road, sands, and other various road conditions.

The tires and the body of the car are strong enough that it can easily go on a mud road, off-road, sands, grass. The best and unique feature of this remote-control car is that it can jump over obstacles.

The hood, doors, and trunk of the car can be opened manually. It is just like a real car and it loads lots of fun to children. The car can also come with a rechargeable battery and also a USB charger.

4. English Atomic Talking Watch 

‘’ A watch is one of the most imported things that you buy, it says a lot about the person.’’ As well as adults, children also like watches even if they don’t know how to watch time.

This is an extremely beautiful watch of 2nd generation. This watch not only shows time, but it also reads the time in a clear and loud voice of a man.

The watch also has a feature to show date-time and they can set Alarm in it. The watch uses one battery that is available in watch and it can easily replaceable. The analog hands and digital voice of this watch show the same time always.

5. Baby Swaddle Blanket

Babies are too small and soft. They need a better protection cover. This swaddle blanket gives the best and soft protection to children.

This is made of 100% pure and soft cotton. This swaddle baby blanket is best for Muslim babies. This blanket can cover the full baby and inherent softness of a breathable muslin-weave fabric inscribed with God’s promise.

This blanket is pre-washed and easy good cotton that gets softer with every wash. The size of the blanket can be easily adjustable even if the child is grown up over the years.

The beautiful and deeply meaningful verses are written on the blanket that gives a unique style. This is a pack of two gray or brown blankets.

6. Boy Doll 

most of the children like to play with dolls. Dolls will be the best gift for a girl baby. This doll does not look like a doll but it looks like a real baby.

This doll has a soft and gently smiling face with bright happy eyes and irresistibly cute crinkly toes. The doll is made from washable vinyl. The children can easily play with dolls in the bathtub because the doll is water friendly.

The doll also comes with 9 pieces gift set to make more fun in playing with a doll. The doll includes 1 short-sleeve baby shirt, 1 diaper cover, 1 pair of booties, 1 hat, 1 cloth diaper, 1 Soft Blanket, Belly Button Gauze, 1 hospital bracelet, and Birth Certificate.

The doll is jointed at shoulders, neck, and hips. The joints make it easy to rotate legs and hands when adding or removing clothes.

7. Digital Selfie Camera

Parents know time flies (a little too quickly), especially while watching your kids grow up. As you’re snapping photos of the new baby on your cell phone, bring big brother into the documentation, too! This Vtech Kidizoom camera is best to capture any moment for ages 3 to 9.

The camera is ideal for the best photoshop. It has a 5.0-megapixel camera and a 2.4″ TFT color screen front camera. The camera also has a headphone, so they can listen to any of their favorite poems or transfer it to others. It also has a built-in MP3 player a built-in speaker.

The memory of the camera is enough for average photos. It has 256 built-in memory and more than 1500 photos can be kept in this camera. The camera can be automatically shut off after 3 minutes without any operation on the camera.

8. Teepee Tent for Kids

Having a space for your kids to bond and play together as they get older is priceless. This tent is durable, suitable for indoor and outdoor, made with natural materials, and comes with a padded mat—it’s the perfect place for baby and toddler to embark on new adventures together over the years.

The tent is made from 100% cotton which is soft and breathable. There is no need for buying a mat because the tent has it already. The tent is easily foldable and can be easily transported.

It is large enough for children to play and also to keep toys in it. The tent is easy to assemble and disassemble.

9. Teddy bear

‘’A bedroom without a teddy bear is like a face without a smile.’’ A Teddy bear is the best companion of everyone. Children need someone to play with and a teddy bear is the best friend of children. The color of the teddy bear is like a breakfast toast.

This is a rabbit fur teddy bear. This teddy bear is made from the softest furs in nature. The teddy bear is safe for children, to hug and to play. This is lightweight that is easy for small children to take it. Teddy bear is a faithful friend of everyone.

10. Bedtime Prayers and Promises

While mom and dad are away at the hospital, what better way to help your first child feel connected than by reading him or her a story?

Reading stories is always the favorite part of everyone especially of children. Children like to read a story before sleep. So the storybook is the best gift among all children.

These bedtime prayers and promises storybook is written by Bonnie Rickner Jensen and Illustrated by Julie Sawyer Phillips. The storybook requires three AAA batteries that are included in the book.

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