10 thoughtful gifts for someone who lost a child

If you’re looking for gifts for someone who has lost a child, read this before you jump into the list “When a child dies, a parent is still tied to that child. Souls, tied together across universe”. Losing a child is more than a trauma for parents. The pain of losing a child is the worst pain in the world. One cannot erase such a loss from one’s memory. There is no ache for such a loss. You simply cannot describe the pain of losing a child in words. You might show some sympathy by gifting them something meaningful.

Gifts for someone who lost a child (Detailed Review)

Sterling Silver Small Mother and Child Hollow Back Pendant

You can extend your deepest sympathy with this sympathy gift. I recommend a message of prayers and blessings along with this mother and child pendant. This unique pendant is polished with sterling silver. The pendant is small in size and gentle on sensitive skin.

Framed Art Print

You are a part of me, a part that will never leave. The love between parents and their child is unconditional. You can count on Custom Art Print if you are looking for sympathy gifts for someone who lost a child. This is personalized paper art print and is unframed. You can include your desired name and date etc. It’s a kind of family tree and is meant to show care and love to family.

LifeSong Milestones Personalized Engraved 

A child brings enormous amount of joy and happiness. When a child is lost, grief fills the room up. William Shakespeare has presented this traumatic event in meaningful words “Grief fills the room, up of my absent child, walks up and down with me, puts on his pretty look, repeats his words”. If someone in your friends or family has lost a child, you must send them a sympathy message. (I’m sure by the time you are searching for a gift, you have already sent your prayers and wishes).

Gifts are a good way to show them you’re there for them in this dark time. That’s why I’m suggesting Milestones Personalized Engraved gift. You can have your desired name, date of birth, etc written on the plaque. It can be used as a great way to honor someone.

mug cup grief memorial

A daughter is a gift of love. I wish I could describe the pain of losing a daughter in words. They dreamt about the time when their daughter would be smiling, laughing and spreading joy and happiness. But they were unable to witness that happening. You can show them sympathy with this memorial coffee mug. This mug will be a sign of the unconditional love between parents and their daughter.

Memorial Ornament On Earth

Life is a journey. Some days are filled with laughter and some with tears. No one wants tears in their lives. But sadly, this has to happen as this is what life is called. Ornaments are a great way to show sympathy. Memorial Ornament is 5th in my list of best gifts for someone who lost a child. This ornament is disc shaped so the wording is easy to read. This ornament has the wording “On Earth or in Heaven, Forever My Child” written on it. You have the option to choose “Our child” or any other wording.

Pregnancy Loss Memorial Ornament

This memorial ornament has the wording “We never got to say Hello before we said Goodbye” on it.  You have the option to add a name or date to the ornament. The plus point is this ornament is delivered wrapped in tissue and packed in a gift box. So, you can gift it directly. The material is of top quality and the gift is made with care and love.

Miscarriage Memorial Gift

Printed with words “Too perfect for Earth”. You have the option to personalize it with your desired name. The ornament is 3-inch round and 1-inch thick. This glass ornament is filled with soft features (white color). By default, it is topped with ribbon color. However, you can choose your desired color. Ornament is wrapped in tissue and packaged in a gift box ready for giving. A reviewer found it very amazing. According to her you should gift it to someone who has suffered the loss of a child and they will be touched about what you think of their precious child. 

Miscarriage Loss Gift

This ornament has the wording “”I carried you every second of your life and I’ll love you every second of mine” printed on it. The maker of this ornament does allow some level of personalization on the ornament. So, make sure to choose the details of your choice. It’s also a glass ornament filled with white feathers. This memorial baby ornament is 3-inch round and 1-inch thick. One special thing about this gift also has the messaging feature. So, you can tell them to write something of your choice on the gift box.

WOODSIGNS QMSING in Loving Memory Gift

We have talked about a lot of ornaments, let’s talk about wood signs. This wood sign is printed with the words “Those we Love Don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, Unheard, but always near. Still loved, Still Missed.” You can contact them personalization in the wording. This wood sign is made up of real wood. The sweet thing is it comes with a hanger for easy hanging.

BlankieGram Healing Thoughts Blanket 

This unique blanket is a perfect gift for those facing difficulties in life. The blanket is available in four colors i.e. Blue, Grey, Pink and Teal. I would personally recommend Grey color for someone who has lost a child. Gift this blanket to the unfortunate parents and provide them a chance to wrap themselves in good wishes. The most important factor is the company will use a portion of the proceeds from your purchase and will donate blankets to the needy ones.

Were you able to find gifts for someone who lost a child?

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; love leaves a memory no one can steal. Losing a child is a traumatic event for parents, no words can describe the pain. No one can bring the child back to life, we have to do what we can do. We can send them a message of sympathy and a meaningful gift to show them sympathy. This will really make them feel that their child was special. Afterall all we want is to make them feel relieved, what else do we want?

I tried to compile the best gifts. Were you able to find a sympathy gift for someone who lost a child? Let me know in the comments. Suggestions are encouraged!


Following is our list of 10 meaningful gifts for someone who lost a child

  1. Small Mother and Child Pendant
  2. Sympathy Gift, Loss of Child
  3. LifeSong Milestones Personalized Engraved
  4. Loss of a daughter coffee mug
  5. Memorial Ornament
  6. Pregnancy Loss Memorial Ornament
  7. Miscarriage Memorial Gift Ornament
  8. Miscarriage Loss Gift
  9. WOODSIGNS QMSING in Loving Memory Gift
  10. BlankieGram Healing Thoughts Blanket

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