How to clean gutters on a two story house?

Question of the day “How to clean gutters on a two story house?”

Gutter cleaning has always been a difficult task, but it can become more complicated when you have a house with more levels.

Gutter cleaning on a two-story house is more dangerous because you need ladders for that reason, which is prone to injuries.

So, you need a proper methodology and useful tools to clean gutters on a two-story house. In this article, you will find some useful methods to clean gutters on a two-story house, which will prevent you from extra hard work as well from falling off the ladders.

This guide is divided into two parts:

  • How to prepare for gutter cleaning on a two-story house [the right way]
  • 4 ways to clean gutters on a two-story house

What to do before cleaning gutters on a two story house?

Before the gutter cleaning, you will need some basic things for your safety, which I will mention first to make the gutter cleaning easier for you on a two-story house. Now, let’s first have a look at those things which are required for gutter cleaning on a two-story house.

Ladder’s Security

Since you are cleaning gutters on the 2nd floor, you will need ladders. Fortunately, there are some gutter cleaning tools for 2 story house that do not require a ladder. You can use any of them.

Still, if you want to use a ladder for gutter cleaning, you need the ladder’s security.


Ladder’s condition:

The foremost thing you need to do is to check the condition of the ladder, whether it is qualitative enough to climb on it. If it has made of a lousy quality material, a misfortunate accident might happen during gutter cleaning.


Check your surrounding: 

Before placing ladders on the ground, check the surroundings if it is plain and hard enough to place ladders with a stable position on the ground. If the ground is soft, ladders might get sink in the ground. Also, you can place some wood pieces of the same size under the feet of the ladder. 


Ladders adjustment on the ground:

Before climbing on ladders, make sure that ladders are correctly adjusted on the ground. Otherwise, it will bring a disaster. Always position ladder at 75 degrees to correctly footed ladders on the ground. You need to check the stability of the ladders before climbing on it by setting a toe on one or two steps of the ladder.


Work clothes:

Gutter cleaning is a dirty job. Thus, you need to put on work clothes which you don’t mind if it got stained. Additionally, gutter cleaning is a sharp task in which wearing work clothes with full sleeves will protect you from sharp edges of the gutter as well from insects’ surroundings gutters.


Face mask:

Before the gutter cleaning, wear a face mask and protect your eyes from pollen and dust which might aggravate your eyes and lungs. 



Casual shoes will get problematic on ladders, so consider those shoes which have a rubber sole with a tread pattern.


Rubber Gloves:

Wearing rubber gloves will do the same function as wearing a full sleeves shirt. It will protect your hands from getting dirty as well as from the sharp edges of the gutters, which might scratch your hand’s skin. Thus, wearing rubber gloves will be useful before gutter cleaning on a two-story house.



You will need a basket for storage of debris and leaves. You can hang the basket for debris removal to free up you both hands for proper cleaning of gutters. For more convenience, you can place a large can, wheelbarrow, or a trap beside your ladder. You can throw the garbage in these receptacles. You can also use a plastic bag for that purpose, but it will challenging to manage during wind blowing.

Use basket

Do you even need to clean your Gutter?

The simple answer is “Yes, you need to clean your gutters”.

Because clogged debris can damage the woodwork of your house.

An ugly gutter can be painful in winter? Why?

That’s because, in winters, the water will freeze in the gutters, which will expand the gutters. Thus, it will ruin them.

How often should you clean your gutter?

In order to keep your house safe from any damage, it is advisable to clean your gutters once in a year. If you have dense overhanging trees, then you should clean your gutters twice- a- year. 

3 ways to clean gutters on a two story house:

In coming paragraphs, i’ll be showing you 4 ways to clean gutters on a two story house. You can opt for anyone according to your preferences.

1: Cleaning gutters from the ground:

Cleaning gutters from the ground is the safest method of gutter cleaning on a two-story house. In this method, you don’t need to climb up the ladders or carry a basket.  To clean gutters while staying on the ground, you will require telescopic gutter cleaning tools such as Melnor 65059-AMZ Vortex Extreme Cleaning Wand and Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand. These tools have a long wand that will help you clean your gutters while keeping your feet firm on the ground.  

Though there are some limitations of this method as the gutters might not clean thoroughly. It may be useless as it may further block your gutters, which adds to your problems. Our article [Gutter cleaning tools for 2 story house:] will help you find the best tool for your gutters cleaning at the two-story house.

2: Cleaning gutters with vacuums:

This method involves cleaning gutters while using a vacuum. The powerful vacuum sucks the dirt and debris out of the gutter and unclogged the clogged gutters. The vacuum method of gutter cleaning is better as compared to other methods because it does not require the need for ladders to climb up. Further, it does not splatter dirt.

First, you need to adjust the vacuum slowly and with patience. Follow the instruction given on the vacuum cleaner. By using the telescoping tool, you will be able to view the inside of the gutters. Now, adjust the vacuum pole and putting the end of the pole inside the gutter. Now, run the vacuum and move the pole slowly inside the gutter. It will give clean and unclogged gutters by using a vacuum in very little time and with minimal effort.  You can use WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Gutter Cleaning Kit for vacuum cleaning.

Although it is an effective method of gutter cleaning, it still has some limitations as you might not be able to clean the mosses, hard dirt, and debris out of gutters, which are stick to it. Without using telescoping poles, you will not clearly see the inside of gutters. So, the gutters might remain dirty. Further, adjusting the vacuum according to the gutter surrounding, is also problematic. You need to fix it according to your gutters, keep it in that position or to move it for proper cleaning might add to your problems. 

3: Cleaning gutters by using blowers:

Another method of gutter cleaning at the two-story house is the blower method. With the help of a blower, the wastes are blown from the gutters. You can clean your gutter without climbing on ladders and risk your safety. Still, it has some limitations. It would split the dirt into the surrounding areas. The walls of the house, the lawn, and the neighborhood roads might get dirty. Further, it will increase your problems by blocking the downspout with the dirt. You can choose a perfect blower of your choice from our top list gutter cleaning tools for the two-story house in our article [Gutter cleaning tools for 2 story house:]

For two-story gutter cleaning, while using blowers, you can combine a leaf blower with a PVC pipe. You will need a long PVC pipe that can swallow a leaf blower. Ensure the bend side of the PVC pipe should point wind of the leaf blower inside the gutter. The end should be placed in the gutter for perfect cleaning. It will start blowing leaves out of gutters.

4: Cleaning gutters by using hose:

In this method, gutters are cleaned using a hose. In this method, you will need ladders and rubber gloves for your safety. The first thing you need to do is to place ladders on the ground. Ensure the stiffness of the ground and check if ladders are adequately stable or not. Then wear rubber gloves.

Next, you need to remove the debris from the gutters with the scoop or a spade and place it in the trash bag. One best gutter cleaning scoop is Gutter Cleaning Spoon and Scoop, which will help you in gutter cleaning at least from 20 feet span.  

In the third step, you need to reposition the ladder according to another segment of the gutter. Empty the trash before gutting up again on the ladders as it might lead to fall because of the heavyweight of the trash basket. To free your hands and clean the debris from gutters properly, I would suggest hooking up the bag.

Now, here is the stage of using the hose with high pressure to clean all the struck debris and drain in into downspout. It will completely clean the gutters.


In this article, I have mentioned some of the useful methods for gutter cleaning. After reading this article, I hope you got a clear mind for the method which suits your gutter best. After getting a perfect gutter cleaning tool from the suggested lists mentioned above, you will clean your gutters appropriately. By utilizing the above-given tips of preparation for gutter cleaning, your two-story house gutters will be perfectly clean. 

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