Mr. LongArm 3212 Pro-Pole Extension Pole 6-to-12 Foot

Mr. Longarm 3212 pro-pole extension is one of the best gutter cleaning tools for 2-story house.

So why is Mr. LongArm the best?

Mr. LongArm 3212 Pro-pole extension is one of the best gutter cleaning tools because:

It has a fluted fiberglass handle.

It has an anodized slider. This feature prevents rust. Thus, it provides you a firm and smooth glide.

Are you afraid of overtightening? You don’t need to be as it has coarse threads. These coarse threads have two functions:

  1. Provides quick lock and unlock safety, and
  2. Prevents over-tightening.

Let’s have a look at the Image of the tool:

Mr. LongArm 3212 Pro-Pole Extension Pole 6-to-12 Foot

Key Features and their Benefits:

I have discussed some of the features already, but let’s dive deeper into what this magic tool has to offer for your gutter cleaning.

  • It offers a comfortable grip in any climate- thanks to its fluted fiberglass handles.
  • Handles are lightweight, so easy to use.
  • The tool can be used for other applications as well, for example, painting, staining, dusting, window cleaning, etc.
  • Mr. LongArm’s pro-pole extension extends from 6 to 12 feet. Other sizes are also available if you want to buy some other size.
  • Mr. LongArm is designed both for professionals and do-it-yourselfers to clean their gutters. All you need to know is the methods to clean gutters and you’re good to go.

Why Mr. LongArm?

Mr. LongArm is manufactring extension poles and hardware products since 1958. So, by purchasing a product manufactured by them, you’re in safe and experienced hands.

They were the first to offer telescopic extension poles.

Detailed Analysis of Mr.LongArm 3212 Pro-Pole Extension

It has 5 parts:

1. Slider

Mr. LongArm Pro-Pole has a long-anodized slider made of aluminum. It resists rust. So, it will last long.

2. Threaded end

It has a nylar threaded end that fits standard threaded tools. So, it can fit a lot of tools. This feature makes it a kind of “universal Pro-Pole extension”

3. Locking device

It aslo has an external locking device that locks at any extended length. This makes it easy to use.

4. Handle

Do you want a handle that is easy for grip? Mr. LongArm has it. It has a fluted fiberglass handle that makes it easy for grip.

5.End Plug

End plug has a hang hole. This feature helps in easy storage.

What else do you want to see in an extension pole?

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