Nucleoli are present during _____.

Nucleoli are present during _____.

A: Metaphase

B: Anaphase

C: Interphase

D: Prometaphase

E: prophase


The correct answer is option C.


Nucleoli are present during interphase.

Nucleolus function is to make ribosomes. It is located in the cell nucleus. It is disrupted during interphase and decides whether the mitosis process proceeds or not.

Cell division helps in growth or reproduction and repair of tissues. A sequence of stages of the cycle happens in a eukaryotic cell. The interphase stages occur when a cell is not in the division state.


During interphase, the nuclei and the nucleus are present in the cell, but there is no breakdown in their structure until mitosis begins.

Nucleoli-are-present-during _____.
Nucleoli are present during _____.

Interphase has three stages. These stages are G1, S, and G2.

Different activities happen during the G1 stage, which includes the translation and transcription of proteins in the cell. Many biochemical reactions occur in the cell during interphase.

There is a checkpoint in stage G1 where the cell is checked to see the conditions if it is ready for the next stage, S, of interphase. If conditions are suitable, different cyclins (which are proteins) are converted in preparation for entry into this next stage.

During the S stage of interphase, the DNA is synthesized when chromosomal material is available. It is necessary for the production of the daughter cells.

The G2 stage is the final stage of interphase that happens before the division of the cell. Microtubular spindle fibres are produced during this stage for the next stage preparation.

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