7 Best Safe Grill Brushes of 2021 [Bristle Free]

A few days ago, we published a great post on grill brushes, but then we came to know that some of the grill brushes aren’t safe to use. That’s where the idea of safe grill brushes emerged. You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data. We analyzed 4,104 reviews given by real users, and we have 4,104 stories to tell you. But would you care to listen to all those seven stories? Of course, No. That’s why we did what we could for you. We analyzed all the stories, and we are here with the best safe grill cleaning brush that you can rely on. If in case, a product (recommended by us) didn’t work for you, we urge you to leave a comment at the end of the post. We’ll take that product down, that’s how much we care for you.

Safe Grill Brushes (Detailed Review)

GrillSafe Pitmaster Superior Quality Wooden Grill Scrapers

Its common among Barbeque lover that all you need is Barbeque. But you have to clean your grill after using it. For this you would need a Grill Brush. But grill brushes are often reported to have cause issues. So Grill Safe Pitmar Superior is our top pick for Safe Grill brushes out there. it has received 73% of 5-star reviews on Amazon. It has double handles and is made from natural hardwood. The product is reasonably priced. This safe grill brush is effortless to use for cleaning Grill.


  • Bristle free and food safe.
  • 100% HARDWOOD.
  • Custom scraping blade.
  • Large dual handle.

Pros and Cons

  • It is 100% safe for all grill types, and it will keep your food safe.
  • The handles design of this grill cleaning brush provides three grip options for maximum comfort, control, and cleaning power.
  • It has superior craftsmanship and durability.
  • This cleaning grill brush also has a bottle opener.
  • One of the purchasers reported that one of the heads of the screw that attach the bottle opener popped off. The only user reported this issue out of 69 reviews.
  • Some users think that the size of the grill brush is small.

BBQ Tongs and Bristle Free Grill Brush with Scraper

May you always be surrounded by good friends and great barbeque. As mentioned earlier, every tool requires to be cleaned after its used. The same goes with a grill. You must make it sure that the grill is ready to be used next time. That’s why I’m presenting “BBQ Tongs and Bristles free grill brush. Something cool about this product is that it has a tongs and combo brush. it is an aluminium alloy. Alloy is the metal made by combining elements to improve base metal. The grip of the brush and tong is comfortable.


  • Durable 304 stainless steel cooking tongs.
  • Spring coils.
  • Bristles free.

Pros and Cons

  • This grill cleaning brush has a heavy duty barbecue tool, which correctly cleans all the food burnt from the Grill.
  • It also has a durable stainless steel cooking tongs.
  • This brush is premium bristles free cleaning brush with signature grate scraper.
  • One of the purchasers reported that the tongs are not working correctly. He was unable to pick the food and turn to others entirely by this tong. The same user reported that otherwise, this brush is best. No such accidents are reported by other users.
  • A user reported that the handle of the brush is not comfortable for large hands.

Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot

What if you just want to a cleaner that works with a button? Yes, I have got you covered. Out of all those 4104 reviews, I think Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot is the third-best safe bbq grill brush available out there. You must keep calm and Grill On. This one has got three Brushes to help you clean your grill perfectly. Facing problem with the brushes? There is a button in the robot, you just need to press the button, and the brushes will come off.


  • Heat/weather resistant casing
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Easy push-button operation
  • Built-in LED alarm and timer

Pros and Cons

  • It has three sturdy brushes which rotate and clean all the burnt from the Grill.
  • By using this automatic grill cleaning robot, simply you have to place the robot on Grill and press the button, and it will clean your Grill, there is no need to scrub it.
  • This robot grill cleaning brush can be placed on the grill grate whether it is hot or cold.
  • This robot grill brush is easy to read LCD timer and alarm to set it and don’t worry about it.
  • It is dishwasher safe, just remove the three brushes and toss it in the dishwasher.
  • This grill brush is also available in two colours. So, you can easily choose your favourite colour.
  • One of the purchasers reported that the brushes don’t come off for cleaning. As for as my research goes, this was a one time incident.All other brushes are working fine.

Grill Brush Bristle Free for Barbecue

Bristles Falling in food really sucks. There are a lot of solutions available out there. But our research team believes Mountain Grill Brush is one of the best solution out there because it is bristles free. This brush is quick and has long handle to keep you safe from being burnt out. Is it dishwasher safe?  Yes, it is dishwasher safe. Is it safe for cast iron grate? Yes, it works great on the cast iron grate.


  • Bristle free
  • Eighteen inches handle.
  • Three scrubbing heads

Pros and Cons

  • This grill brush can take less time to clean your Grill.
  • Its long handle will protect your hands from the burn.
  • This brush is bristles free .so you do not have to worry about bristles falling off.
  • This grill brush is best to clean any type of grills.
  • After cleaning your Grill with this grill brush. This will protect your food from the burn.
  • One of the purchasers reported that this grill brush was not good for charcoal.

Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush

A fresh review caught my attention about this product which says that it is a cool product if all you want help with cleaning Grill safely. It’s exciting to know that people are using Kona-Nickles arcade as a safe scrub grill brush. This product has got about 3,175 reviews so far and 60% of them are 5-stars. But, is this product value for money? Is it easy to use? Well, let’s see this in more detail in our review.


  • Bristle free BBQ brush
  • 100% rust resistant
  • Stainless steel
  • The unique design is three brushes in one

Pros and Cons


      Brushtech Double Helix Bristle Free

      According to my research team, if they had to choose a product just for its lifetime, keeping all other factors constant, they would have opted for this one. Brushtech Double Helix last longer than traditional brushes. Let me tell you an interesting fact, you can use this brush to clean large bird cages as well. Isn’t it funny?


      • Bristle free
      • 21 inches
      • Double helix brush

      Pros and Cons:

      • This brush has two spring twisted together on one another, making it two continued bristles.
      • It will correctly clean Grill and smoothly removes all the food burnt from Grill.
      • The spring bristle is strong enough to clean all the burnt stains from your Grill, and make your Grill smooth and shine.
      • One of the purchasers reported that this brush wasn’t perfect for complete cleaning between the grates.

      Pure Grill 18-Inch Stainless Steel 

      Pure Grill is our last pick. The same old saying “last but not the least” is a perfect fit for safe for. Why did we place it in the last position? Because it has less ratio of 5-Star reviews as compared to others. We think it’s a bit of expensive as compared to others. Similarly, it wasn’t the best product when we compared special features with all the other options available. For details, see our product research methodology page where we have explained how a product is picked and ranked.


      • Bristles free
      • Three brushes in 1
      • Heavy-duty stainless steel
      • Extra-long handle

      Pros and Cons:

      • The bristles free brush is best than other bristles brush because it can keep your food safe from bristles.
      • This brush will keep your Grill clean, and your Grill will look brand new.
      • You can easily clean your Grill without too much effort.
      • The extra-long scraper is attached with this brush which helps to remove food burnt from Grill.
      • It has a fantastic extra-long handle and hanging hook that easily hook with your Grill.


        What type of grill brush is safe?

        Grill brushes that are bristle free are safe. The following grill brushes are safe
        1 GrillSafe Pitmaster Superior
        2 BBQ Tongs and Bristle Free
        3 Grillbot Automatic Grill
        4 Mountain grill brushes
        5 Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush
        6 Brushtech Double Helix
        7 Pure Grill 18-Inch Pure Grill 18-Inch

        Are grill brushes dangerous?

        According to doctors “brushes that have bristles can turn out to be dangerous”. Sometimes the bristles break, remain on the grill grate and is eventually cooked in your food.

        What is the safest grill brush?

        We analyzed 4,041 reviews and came to know that GrillSafe Pitmaster Superior is the safest grill brush out there. Check the complete article for detailed review.

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