Which NIMS structures makes cooperative multi-agency decisions?

Which NIMS structures makes cooperative multi-agency decisions?

A: Incident Command System

B: Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

C: MAC Groups

D: Joint Information System (JIS)


The correct answer is option C.


MAC Group or Multiagency Coordination Groups of the NIMS Structures makes cooperative multi-agency decisions.

Multi-agency Coordination Groups:

Multi-agency groups are part of the incident management structure of NIMS. They are also referred as policy groups.

This group members are agency administrative, executive or stakeholder’s agencies or organization. They are impacted by the resources needed for the incident.

Which NIMS structures makes cooperative multi-agency decisions?

The MAC Group may also have representatives from non-governmental organizations such as volunteer organizations and businesses.

MAC Groups acts in the following steps during the incident:
• Act as a policy-level body
• Support resource prioritization and allocation
• Make cooperative multi-agency decisions
• Enable decision making among elected and appointed officials and the Incident Commander responsible for managing the incident.

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