Which of the following activities constitutes engagement in research?

Which of the following activities constitutes engagement in research?  

A: Providing potential subjects with written information about a study.

B: Obtaining informed consent and conducting research interviews.

C: Informing prospective subjects about the availability of research.

D: Obtaining subjects’ permission for researchers to contact them.


Option B is correct. Obtaining informed consent and conducting research interviews.


Obtaining informed consent and conducting research interviews constitutes engagement in the research process. Laws, norms and customs in the area in which the research is conducted.

“Research engagement” means those activities which involve in your research process. One best example is going out to conduct a research interview.

Which of the following activities constitutes engagement in research?


Research is the process of scientific investigation to test one or more hypotheses logically. A hypothesis is an investigation of a particular phenomenon that is observed in nature.

Different kinds of methods are used in a research process, but when it involves people, specific rules are mandatory to follow.

If in a research process, participants are asked information or if they are a part of the test, their consent become must, and the researcher must inform the participants about the requirements of the research.

Besides, researchers also need to get approval from the institutional review board (IRB) while involving human subjects.

Informed consent:

A researcher needs to get informed consent if he involves human subjects in his study. Also, the researcher needs to submit his project proposal to an institutional review board (IRB), including proposed protocols.

Research interviews:

It is a type of study in which human subjects are questioned while using surveys. It can provide useful information about educators, business owners and the medical field etc.

Educational surveys are used to show if students are learning and understanding the content/ the material that they are being taught in the classroom.

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