Which of the following are true about marijuana:

Which of the following are true about marijuana:

A. It can impair learning and memory
B. It can bring upon panic attacks or anxiety
C. It can become addictive
D. All of the above


The correct answer is option D.


All of the above-given options are true about marijuana. Because it is a drug that can lead to many diseases in human beings. So, it can impair learning and memory. Also, it can bring panic attacks or anxiety. Further, it can become addictive.

Which of the following are true about marijuana:


Marijuana refers to the flowers, dried leaves, seeds, and stems from the Cannabis indica plant. This plant contains THC and other similar compounds which is a mind-altering chemical.

After alcohol, it is most widely used as a psychotic drug in the United States. It is widespread among the young generation leading to dreadful diseases.

The most active ingredient in marijuana affects the part of the brain called the hippocampus.

It changes the process of information processing, thus affecting memory. Its effects are more visible during the brain development process as studies have shown. However, the results of this drug vary from person to person.

Therefore, marijuana is bad for health. It is classified as a drug, which shouldn’t be used as a stimulant or depressant.



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